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Traditional Okinawan Karate


RSK DojoWe offer a safe, respectful and non-intimidating learning environment that promotes a positive attitude where students will develop their mental strength and physical endurance that will lead to greater confidence and self-discipline.

We offer 3 classes per week to allow a student various opportunities to train. All classes are taught by an internationally certified black belt instructor.

We provide an introductory children's program for kids ages 4 and 5, giving the basics of karate so their advancement to regular class is an easy transition. We offer a positive approach to student success, creating attainable goals for the students in an environment that makes learning fun. Children will learn how to resolve conflict without having to resort to physical aggression in addition to learning how to avoid these potentially dangerous situations.

Sensei Steve Rooke

SenseiSensei Steve Rooke began studying Uechi Ryu Karate in October 1999. Upon starting his training and meeting Master Manuel deSa, he was not only impressed with the intensity but the focus of the body, the spirit but most of all, the mind. With hard work and passion for the arts, Sensei Steve Rooke progressed quickly through the ranks and currently holds the rank of Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) and Shihan (Master Instructor) certificates. He brings with him to each class an excellent knowledge of Uechi Ryu karate gained through regular training with his Sensei plus extensive training with visiting Master instructors and visits to workshops throughout the world.

Sensei Rooke also holds a Nidan in Kobudo, (weapons training) under the instruction of Sensei deSa. In June 2009, Sensei Rooke was accepted as a member of the Uechi Ryu Karate Do Kenyukai Association of North America and now a recognized Sensei. Along with extensive training in other sports programs he brings much experience in teaching children at all age levels.